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*A magical state that consists of an upper and lower peninsula. The lower peninsula looks like a mitten.

*Here you can find college towns, laid off angry people, bored kids, cornfields, farms, and plenty homeless people in Detroit.

*Michigan can't be that bad, because people who live in Michigan actually vacation in other parts of Michigan.
People who live in the south part of Michigan like to go, "up north", sometimes to the U.P., to go hunting, fishing, camping, and visit the tourist attractions in their good old home state.

*Once people in Michigan turn 19,it is almost tradition to cross the birdge into Canada to go drinking.

*People love boats in Michigan, because of all the lakes, but have to sell them (no one will buy them) because they can't afford to use them anymore.

*Sometimes things get pretty depressing in Michigan, but at least the weather keeps us on our feet (you never know what to expect.)

*Numerous famous people hail from Michigan.. (Bob Sieger, Madonna, The White Stripes, Eminem, Kid Rock, Chiodos...)
I live in Michigan and I don't have a job, but at least I have a boat, a cornfield in my backyard, and saw Kid Rock at a Piston's game!
by fingersofsalad October 12, 2008
A famous book written by Nathaniel Hawthorne that deals with Puritan beliefs. The main character is a woman named Hester who has a baby, is accused of adultry, and is forced to wear a red letter, "A" on her clothes, so everyone in the town knows she's a skank. Highschoolers are forced to read this book. Only God knows why. At first, the book seams alright. The plot seams interesting enough, because it deals with sex and suspence, but when you start reading it you have to keep your eyes open with clothes pins to avoid falling asleep. Also known as, the most overrated and dissapointing book of all time.
I thought that reading The Scarlet Letter would be interesting, but once I actually started reading the book it made me want to gauge my eyes out with a spork and smear my eyeball blood all over Nathaniel Hawthorne. What the hell was my english teacher smoking when he read this book and thought it was a masterpiece?
by fingersofsalad October 12, 2008

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