The Michigan Wolverines are the first Top 10 Team to ever lose to a Division 1-AA team. This should tell you how much this team really sucks. This example in itself gives you a reason to say, "Fuck Michigan, Go Buckeyes." Let's compare coaches:
Jim Tressel: One of the highest paid and most respected coaches in all of football.
Lloyd Carr: Future Recipient of Unemployment Checks and Food Stamps
A Michigan student and an OSU student are both using the restroom at one of the heated Ohio State Buckeyes vs Michigan Wolverines football games. The OSU student begins to walk out:

Michigan Student: "You know, at The University of Michigan, they teach us to wash our hands after using the bathroom."

OSU Student: "Yeah, well at THE Ohio State University, they teach us not to piss on our hands."
by smludwig September 26, 2007
Top Definition
A subpar program headed by Rich Rodriguez. Absolutley ZERO defense. They have a running quaterback that resembles Lil Wayne who pulls off sick runs but cant throw so save his baby' s mama.
Did you see the Michigan Wolverines game today. They scored 65 points all runs by the quarterback. However they lost because the defense couldnt tackle Betty White in a wheelchair with the flu. They lost by 15.
by Gman4lifecali November 20, 2010
A football team owned by Jim Tressel.
Ohio State-Michigan Wolverines hardly a rivalry anymore now that Jim Tressel is OSU's coack.
by Kombat August 13, 2007
A football program whose best days were in the great depression era. They truly suck in today's time and are guranteed to be shittier with rich rodriguez as coach. They make fun of ohio state fans yet they get their asses beat by them every year by more than 3 touchdowns. Bad colors, lack of talent, and the city ann arbor all equal to a program that recruits and people in general find as crap on a stick.
Billy- The Michigan Wolverines are the winningest program in college football.
Kyle- Yea when my deceased grandfather was just being born
Billy- Michigan still has some good players and their stadium is one of the biggest in america
Kyle- Thats not what terrelle pryor thought after he decommited and when appalachian state made the "big house" the "big dump."
by kellis13 July 25, 2009
A college football team with very cocky fans. UM, sorry, make that scUM fans constantly bring up their many national titles and their series lead over Ohio State. But they never mention that 10 of their 11 NCs were won in the leather helmet era, and that they haven't won an undisputed NC since 1949. Also, their series lead against the Buckeyes is pretty much only because they beat OSU alot back in the 1800s and early 1900s, when OSU was still a small A&M type school. Since 1950, the OSU/UM rivalry series has been prety much equal. (and Ohio State has won 4 of the last 5)
Michigan Wolverines fan: We always own the Buckeyes
OSU Buckeyes fan: What about all those times we beat you?
Michigan Wolverines fan: Um.....well.....derr....i don't know
OSU Buckeyes fan: What a moron
by osu fan August 07, 2006
a bunch of douches who think they are better than OSU. and beside last year, who the hell has ever heard of an actual wolverine in michigan? it doesn't make any sense. they're gay. just look at the faggot they sent to new england.
michigan may have been heavy favorites this past year, but of course Ohio State still beat them.
by wolverines blow April 26, 2005
1. In terms of college football, the little brother to more prestigious programs such as Notre Dame and Ohio St.

2. The team which taught Notre Dame how to play football and is now angry that they have surpassed them as the premier college football program in the Midwest.

3. A basketball team infamous for paying recruits, cheating, and being very mediocre as of late. However, they do go pretty far in the NIT year after year.

4. A pretty good hockey team which I have no problem with.
1. UM FAN #1: Wow, we sure have lost to Ohio St. and Notre Dame a lot in the past five years.

UM FAN #2: Yeah, I know. How come we can never win non-conference road games either?

UM FAN #1: It's probably because we play Eastern and Western Michigan instead of good teams.

2. UM FAN #1: Why are we so jealous of Notre Dame and the fact that they have their own television network and are superior to us in football?

UM FAN #2: Because we're gay.

3. UM FAN #1: So, how do you think we'll do in basketball this year?

UM FAN #2: I don't know. We'll probably lose to Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio St., Indiana, and MSU, all the good teams in the conference. But we'll probably get to the semis in the NIT!!

4. Michigan Wolverines Hockey is pretty good.
by Ienjoythetasteofgrapes August 20, 2006
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