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1. In terms of college football, the little brother to more prestigious programs such as Notre Dame and Ohio St.

2. The team which taught Notre Dame how to play football and is now angry that they have surpassed them as the premier college football program in the Midwest.

3. A basketball team infamous for paying recruits, cheating, and being very mediocre as of late. However, they do go pretty far in the NIT year after year.

4. A pretty good hockey team which I have no problem with.
1. UM FAN #1: Wow, we sure have lost to Ohio St. and Notre Dame a lot in the past five years.

UM FAN #2: Yeah, I know. How come we can never win non-conference road games either?

UM FAN #1: It's probably because we play Eastern and Western Michigan instead of good teams.

2. UM FAN #1: Why are we so jealous of Notre Dame and the fact that they have their own television network and are superior to us in football?

UM FAN #2: Because we're gay.

3. UM FAN #1: So, how do you think we'll do in basketball this year?

UM FAN #2: I don't know. We'll probably lose to Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio St., Indiana, and MSU, all the good teams in the conference. But we'll probably get to the semis in the NIT!!

4. Michigan Wolverines Hockey is pretty good.
by Ienjoythetasteofgrapes August 20, 2006
1. noun, a faculty member who hooks up with a former student that he or she may or may not have taught.

2. verb, to hook up with a former pupil.
1. Yeah last night Mr. Smith was totally acting like a fabrizio, he took one of his former students home and they totally did the dirty.

2. Last night, Mrs. Jones totally fabrizioed a kid who used to be in her Econ class.
by ienjoythetasteofgrapes May 23, 2007
the act of browsing yours/other people's facebook, while intoxicated.
Dude, last night, Craig and I drank some beers then went on the Internet and lyk omg uploaded albums onto Facebook. We were totally dracebooking!
by ienjoythetasteofgrapes May 19, 2007
1. One of the most unsuccessful baseball franchises in the history of the game. Won their last World Series in 1908 and are historically known for being Completely Useless By September (CUBS).

2. A bad team supported by uninvolved, unintelligent, and generally uninterested fans. Said fans constantly attend games even though the team and upper management refuse to put a quality product on the field. Next, they accuse Sox fans of being not loyal and not attending games when the Sox were losing. However, they refuse to believe the notion that if one is not happy with a team/organization's performance then the most effective way to retalliate is by (gasps) not attend games. Rather than knock the White Sox, their fans, and their parks, the Chicago Cubs and their fans should take a long look in the mirror and realize that they are a bunch of uneducated, slightly faggish, yuppy losers that do not win; in baseball or in life.

3. America's Gay Baseball Team
1. I went to New York to see the White Sox play the Yankees, however, I thought it would be interesting to see the Minor League Game first so I took the subway to Shea Stadium so I could see the Chicago Cubs play the Mets.

2. Chad: Want to go see the Chicago Cubs game today?

Michael: Sure. Who are they playing?

Chad: Oh, I don't know. I just wanted someone who would drive me home after I got incoherently drunk and had rough, unprotected sex with lots of other men.

Michael: Oh, sure. Wanna make out?

Chad: Sure

3. Gay guy #1: Let's go see the Chicago Cubs play!

Gay guy #2: Sure, they're real gay, just like us.
by Ienjoythetasteofgrapes August 20, 2006
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