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Awakened to the reality of a world that needs fixing: understanding that you have a part in healing the world through caring, humanitarian works and LOVE. Becoming a part of the solution to the world's problems.
Goodness, truth, michael jackson are all examples of being Michael Jacksoned.
by PY Love and Peace October 24, 2012
The first time you hear a Michael Jackson song and can’t get it out of your head.
I’ve been singing Billie Jean all day – I’ve been Michael Jacksoned!
by Welshwiz October 24, 2012
The change that comes over a person after listening to certain Michael Jackson songs, such as Heal the World, Man
in the Mirror, Earth Song, We are the World and Cry. This change includes cultivating a desire to be part of a solution to the world's issues of hunger, war, poverty and illness - to discover the place in your heart that wants to help Heal the World instead of contributing to its problems.
After listening to the song Heal the World, I was Michael Jacksoned and went out to volunteer at my local food pantry, inspired to help and give love to those less fortunate than myself.
by TheRightStuff December 10, 2012
When somebody one-ups you. Referring to when Michael Jackson died the same day as Farrah Fawcett and she was instantly forgotten as any kind of public figure.
Kelly gets a cold and the office sends her a card, but then Amanda gets swine flu and the county quarantees her. When Kelly gets to work she says, "Amanda totally Michael Jacksoned me".
by FarrahRIP June 27, 2009
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