Clothing designer. Also known as "best designer ever," Michael hosts the show "Project Runway."
Did you see Michael Kors new apparel collection?
by mk<3'smk February 12, 2010
Top Definition
Designer made famous from project runway in which broke girls and morons buy his shit to give off the sense that they have money and or a sense of fashion
I just bought a sick Michael kors watch (fag)
by Tommy91 February 14, 2015
The most amazing professional shoe desiger, often whose shoes sell at department stores such as NORDSTROM or Dillards.
Chelsea: OH SHIT! What brand are those shoes?! They're so beautiful, I'm having an eyegasm!

Anna: Uhhh MICHAEL by Michael Kors! =D
by Anna! =) November 26, 2009
What poor people buy because they can't afford real designer brands.
Isabelle was showing off her cheap Michael kors purse, doesn't compare to my Chanel flap-bag in black cavier leather .
by KateisinlovewithChris June 17, 2016
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