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When a cat watches a bird through a window it makes silent repeated movements with its mouth. This is Mibbling.
look out for the accompanying whisker quiver.
The Cat stared out of the window and mibbled at the sparrows it so desperately wanted to catch.

Have you seen my cat mibble at the tits?
by NekoDolly July 18, 2008
A cross between "drivel", "mumble" and "waffle". Used to describe the act of going on and on about something very boring or completely irrelevant.
Joe, what are you mibbling on about?
What a load of mibble!
by MazzaT April 12, 2007
stupid - in a good way.
for example suzanna and juanita are discussing the merits of using fairy liquid. Suzanna says in the course of the conversation that fairy liquid is her favourite brand and if she could she would use it for everything. Juanita says she uses it for showering at which point suzanna says "YOU MIBBLE, its only for the dishes (and it keeps your hands really soft)".
by the mibblers September 26, 2008

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