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n : a situation in which no one can emerge as a clear winner. A poor man's Mutally Assured Destruction
That dude had a gun pointed to my head but I had a knife in his gut -- we were in a Mexican Standoff.
by Loogoo Maloogoo September 24, 2003
It refers to a no-win/no-lose situation. It does not require three participants; two is enough.
There's a 19th Century story in Mexico that illustrates the Mexican Standoff very well. Two horse carriages going in the opposite direction entered a narrow street and met halfway through. Neither could move forward, and each insisted that the other back his horse carriage up. Each sent servants for foor and water, and both stayed firm for several days, until the authorities made both of them back up.
by Robert H94121 August 31, 2007
a situation that nobody can triumph in, especially one where all people involved have guns
The Mexican standoff has become a cliche in movies.
by Light Joker October 09, 2006
This is when you go into a public restroom, into a stall and another person comes in and sits in the stall next to you. Neither of you drop a deuce, waiting for the other to drop first. It makes for a sometimes tense situation
Damn... I was just in the men's room and got caught in a mexican standoff. I finally got up and left. I'm going to give it another try in a few minutes.
by Capt. Crapper November 28, 2009
When you take six paces from a girl, spin 180 degrees, and masterbate furiously at her face.
I gave Kim a furious mexican standoff last night.
by Jerktart July 31, 2011
A situation in which multiple (3+) gun weilding people are all pointing their shit at each other. They hold out to shoot until someone fucks it up and everybody dies.
The snitch in Reservoir Dogs must have been like "man im fuckin up theres a mother fuckin mexican standoff going down in this mother fucker. fuck.'
by speede September 21, 2006
A confrontation between several enemy's risking & willing to inflict damage towards each other in-order to resolve an issue. Guns are drawn and ready, neither side wants to participate in shooting but is willing if the opponent decides to fire their weapon first.
Nazi "Hear that?"
Nazi "That was the sound of my Walther pistol."
Basterd #1 "That makes two of us."
Basterd #1 "I've had a gun pointed at you since you've sat."
Nazi "Looks like we have a Mexican Standoff in our hands."
Basterd #2 "Say auf Wiedersehen to your Nazi balls!"
Boom! Boom! Boom!
by Strong Chuy February 13, 2010
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