A situation in which weapons, espcially guns, are pointed or aimed at a number of persons by a number of persons.
There's a mexican stand off in the movie True Romance.
by HybridFlare June 20, 2005
When everyone is waiting for everyone else to make a move.
Two or more drivers approach a 4 way stop, each waiting for the other to go through is a Mexican Standoff.
by wiseman11 November 07, 2008
Do not expect to get the same result from those of Mexicans portrayed in Hollywood movies.
Mexican standoff involves two individuals that are not able to come a resolution but neighter wants to compromise.
by Steel-rain December 12, 2010
When two males, both naked, stand on the left and right of one female who is on her knees in the middle of the two males. She then proceeds to jerk them off. The first male to ejaculate is thus proclaimed the winner of the stand-off.
Dude, I totally beat your ass in that Mexican Stand-Off last night.
by MattieFootball66 June 28, 2011
Whichever incredibly talented sportsman happens to be playing at number 10 for Mexico's Rugby Union Team. Also sometimes called a Mexican Fly-half or a Mexican Outside-half.
If Rodrigo keeps working on his kicking he could one day be a Mexican Stand-off!

Luis- I saw a great Mexican Stand-off on the TV yesterday.
Carlos - Really? Were you watching a Spaghetti Western or something?
Luis - No, I watching Mexico v Guatemala Rugby on pay per view...

Jonny Wilkinson is a great rugby player but even he doesn't have the one quality required to be a Mexican Stand-off. He isn't Mexican.
by Rxmcgree May 02, 2010
When there are too many guys at a party and only a few females to go around. None of the men want to leave because each thinks he will be the one to get lucky.
Dude, this party's a sausage-fest. Let's leave, it's looking like a Mexican Standoff.
by Salvy Blaze March 16, 2011
A situation in which several people all have guns (or, occasionally, other projectile weapons) pointed at each other's heads.

The origins of the 'Mexican' part is unknown
Do we really need the Mexican standoff scene?
by Darth Ridley September 21, 2006

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