A situation in which several people all have guns (or, occasionally, other projectile weapons) pointed at each other's heads.

The origins of the 'Mexican' part is unknown
Do we really need the Mexican standoff scene?
by Darth Ridley September 21, 2006
A phrase used by sports announcers to describe a tie or draw game. Use of the term has declined in recent years probably because it is perceived as being politically incorrect and also because the rules of some sports have been modified to reduce or eliminate ties or draws.
How appropriate that the World Cup opener between South Africa and Mexico ended in a Mexican Standoff.
by fetmeister June 11, 2010
An activity in which two males stand in front of each other wanking it until one of them finishes and he is declared the victor.
Friend: "Dude, why are you sad and all sticky??"

Tanner: ...I just lost the mexican stand off.."
by Danimal170 April 25, 2012
When two cars driving down a two lane highway one in each lane going the exact same speed next to each other restrict the cars behind them from passing.
Mike: (on the phone) Chall at? you was posta be her fitty minits ago.

Erick: (on the phone) oh yoz I know ize on I-84 stuck behind a mexican stand-off

Mike: daaannng!
by slikfishy March 05, 2009
Two people are in space, trying to jerk off in a woman's mouth while there is a bear. and shit. the end.
"Do you remember the Mexican Standoff scene from Apollo 13?"
"Yeah dude that was fucking weird."
by Thumper Rodriguez's Evil Twin April 27, 2010
when you lose face to save your ass.
a possible example of a mexican standoff, is when a football team is losing really bad finishes the game without any major injuries
by trekarp May 12, 2009
When a mexican standoff is called, usually done with co-workers at work, everyone stops working. The last person to work is the winner.
There was much pride at stake when Angry Dave, the cook, called a Mexican Standoff. You should have seen him sweat when an order came in.
by Mitchca April 10, 2006
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