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A man why texts, IMs, emails, or what have you, but in an overtly feminine way.
-"hey man, what's good?"
-"nm just chillin with Karen ^____^"
-"Dude, that smiley is way metrotextual."
by AMMRVA April 07, 2011
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Man who reads feminist literature.
Steve (the born again metrotextual) was stabbed in the groin less when he skim read some Margaret Atwood novels and stopped saying, "Hey, I know chicks, I came out of one, didn't I?"
by Scheherazade October 16, 2007
42 15
A straight male who uses smileys(i.e., ;-), etc.) in his text messages and IM.
I texted Danny to inform him that I found his lost I-pod and this metrotextual replied with a winking smiley face.
by Vers Brown November 20, 2008
32 6
n. one who spends an inordinate amount of time texting and reading texts.
His/her constant use of cell phones for sending and receiving texts makes one a metrotextual.
by dogjams October 10, 2011
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When a man sends texts that groups symbols, punctuation marks, and lol's so much that you just know that his wardrobe is full of pastel colors..
Hence metrotextual..
Have a great day!!! :) or too funny!!! lol lmfao :)-
by Beantownboy40 February 19, 2014
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