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To go without your bra.
Stef: It's too hot, I'm going cleavage commando.
Door to Door World Vision Guy: **swallows**
Stef: Phht, like they don't have nipples in Africa.
by Scheherazade January 14, 2008
The smell produced by pretty girls. Pretty Girl Smell is a concoction of pheromones and pharmaceuticals. It attracts with the musk of fertility and the smell of sweet food, leading its victims to believe that the pretty girl would be a) a desirable sexual partner and b) delicious, if worse came to worse.
Entirely heterosexual female: "Oo, Scheherazade, you smell different today, is that pomegranate perfume?"
(Enter PRETTY GIRL having bathed in lard soap)
Male population of the earth: **trembles, melts worships**
Entirely heterosexual female: **becomes misnomer**

Scheherazade: Confound you Pretty Girl Smell!
by Scheherazade June 23, 2009
Man who reads feminist literature.
Steve (the born again metrotextual) was stabbed in the groin less when he skim read some Margaret Atwood novels and stopped saying, "Hey, I know chicks, I came out of one, didn't I?"
by Scheherazade October 16, 2007
Excessive sexual tension without the eventual sex within a book or film.
Jane Austen was a scriptease artist. All that drama and for what? It's not like they're going to DO anything to one another; the English upper class reproduced through division back then, like amoeba.
by Scheherazade September 18, 2007
Current movement in art, music, literature, film etc.
First there was modernism, then there was post-modernism, then there was email-modernism, and now IMmodernism (instant messaging being the more current communication tool)

Characterized by naive cynicism, rebelling against every ideology simultaneously while satirizing itself, ironic references/use of emoticons, and absurdist humour.
Steve is into IMmodernism. He is a naked Amish logic-tree-surgeon, but if you refer to him as such, he will slap you with one hand clapping. All words are lies. Especially these ones.
by Scheherazade October 15, 2007
According to maternal wisdom: "The vertical wrinkle between the eyebrows that makes you attractive to older men."
Mum: They're not *wrinkles* they're *eyebrow cleavage*
by Scheherazade January 14, 2008

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