a crunk chic who defined Ying Yang Twins on UrbanDictionary.

I gots no idea who she is, but according to me she crunk.

Fuck dese CnUts who define bad shit bouts her.

Method Gurl, Y'all be keepin it crunk!!! Look me up baby!
Ain't Got No Example for dis fine crunk hunny!
by Riksta March 04, 2005
Top Definition
I sleep around for money for crack
fuck me please, i need the cash for crack
by Method Gurl December 02, 2004
umm yea WDF iz a cunny n a crumpet if u tawkin bout nice azz hell yea i do n u don kno me cracka u wuznt dere when i wuz born shit mah p u s s y don b durrty it get liqed ta stay clean WHAT
mayn i ain even tryin ta put an example fo dat
by ya muthuh February 11, 2005
well, she has a nice crumpet

i do her up the bum every night to avoid the cheese growing on her cunny.

I love my daughter.
you should see how hot my daughter is!!!

pity her cunny is so dirty all the time.
by Method Gurl's Dad February 05, 2005
haha hell YEA!!!! gerl u knows yous tha crunkest bitch evah big ups to u gerl!!!!
just read yah illterate nigga haha!!!
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