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1. A branch of philosophy that studies the relationship between mind and matter

2. Often used to describe things that lack the "facts" to be classified as "real" or accepted

3. Related to paranormal phenomena
I plan to take a class on Metaphysics.
by Shay'oul December 19, 2003
I, as a philosophy major who actually studies this stuff, will post a real definition for metaphysics since many definitions are bullshit for the most part.

There are two kinds of metaphysics:
-General metaphysics (universal)
-Special metaphysics (particular)

General metaphysics is the study of ultimate reality as in the big picture of reality and is done empirically by most contemporary philosophers. Items of study in general metaphysics are categories, universals, attributes etc. This is not necessarily the study of any afterlife or upper reality; that subject is a matter of special metaphysics. Universals by D.M. Armstrong is a good example of what general metaphysics is.

Special metaphysics has potentially an infinite number of sub branches, each studying one particular subject. One such subject may be ghosts and spirits but most contemporary philosophers don't take this particular subject mater seriously. Topics that are taken seriously are philosophy of mind and psychology, personal identity, and aesthetics.

Unlike physics which studies concrete objects, metaphysics studies abstract objects like mathematics, logic etc.
1. In a hypothetical situation:

Ray Comfort: I call my paranormal investigation metaphysics to sound scientific.

Me: Most metaphysicians don't take your definition seriously.

2. General metaphysics

Do two red blocks share a universal property of the color red or do they have their own instance of having the color red? That is to ask is there a universal thing called "the property red" that exists in more than one place at one time or is there no such thing?

3. Special metaphysics (personal identity):
Is a fetus identical to a person in the future? If so then the fetus is a person. If not then it is not a person.
by SocraticFox February 02, 2012
A branch of philosophy that deals with the study of nature regarding existence and the Universe.
It tells you whether reality is real or an illusion.
I have an exam in Metaphysics today.
by viXXXXXXXen February 11, 2010
Pertaining to something abstract or theorhetical.
Intellectuals do it meta-physically!
by AlisonandDan May 23, 2005
a flaming k that is bs
team sf: dude, i lost to metaphysics

Synonyms: dadt

Antonyms: khalilizad, toulmin, deez
by akoz October 09, 2006
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