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To try and impart knowledge about something when you really have no idea what the fuck you're talking about, even though it may sound like you do.
When asked a question about how to solve a trigonometry problem.

Guy 1: In order to solve for the angle of the hypotenuse you must first take the square of line tangent and perpendicular to the inverse acute right angle.

Guy 2: What? Are you merrilling that shit?

Example 2:

Guy1 - Dandy-Walker Malformation is a congenital extension of the cerebellar tonsil vermis through the foramen magnum

Guy2 - Dude, I'm looking at Pathoma right now and it says that's an Arnold-Chiari Malformation Type II. Quit Merrilling that shit!
#merrill-ing #bsing #bullshiting #anti-genius #lying #problem solving #meriling #merriling #merrelling
by Mr. BS^2 May 26, 2013
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