An older middle-aged woman who works at Target and has a shirt that's obviously too small for her because the split on the side of her work shirt exposes her belly. She is often seen with glasses and yelling at her fellow employees.

Ask anyone at Target about her and they all roll their eyes in disgust.
Person 1: "Look at that woman yelling at all the employees! The one with the glasses!"
Person 2: "Dude, that's Merle. Look at her shirt! You can see her stomach!"
Person 1: "Phooorra! She doesn't look like a pleasant person to be around."
by Bolladonk-adonk November 29, 2009
A clone or doppelganger. Used mostly to avoid saying clone because it sounds too much like clown and clowns are evil.

There are other forms of the word merle. For example:
Merletiplicity- Having more than one merle
Animerle-Looking like a cartoon character
Merletiply-To notice more and more look-alikes of oneself.
We're so much alike, we must be merles!

I used to have one merle, but recently they seem to have merletiplied.
by Olia March 17, 2006
A dirty cunt who stinks really fucking bad
You seen that one bitch on the wizl? Totally a merle. Damn cunts
by Rakiel March 14, 2008

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