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2 definitions by mcgillicutty

Was hired by Howard Stern to work at Sirius Satellite Radio and is now shockin' the puss like a madman. Oh, yeah, Ned uncensored is awesome. Manson makes THE greatest song parodies, Brent is still a smartass, and Gene Lasker is one crazy mofo.
"Opie and Anthony are going back on testicle, i mean, uh, terrestrial radio? What idiots! XM is going down the toilet faster than you can say 'put the seat down.'"

-something along the lines of what Bubba the love sponge knows to be true
by mcgillicutty May 09, 2006
136 93
When a dog or cat is sitting and they raise their hind legs so that their anus is in direct contact with the carpet and then use their front legs to drag their ass around. Sometimes it leaves a stain.
Fido just merled a nasty stripe on your mom's new carpet.

The cat is merling at least a dozen times a day, it may be time to hit it with a shovel.
by mcgillicutty April 04, 2003
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