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Painkillers, specifically opiate-narcotics. The most commonly abused MERS and the drugs most commonly classified as MERS include oxycontin, roxicets, percocet, vicodin, oxymorphone, or anything more powerful than a pussy codiene pill or good-for-nothing anti-inflammatory such as naproxen. " Baby food mers" include vicodin5mg, percocet 5mg, vicodin 7.5mg and codiene in general. The term was originated in rockland county, new york. Most MERS can be obtained by prescription whether it's a parents' or kids, or they can be purchased in New York City or shitty New Jersey.
Oxycontin,Roxicet, Vicodin, Percocet, Mer
by THEE FRANCHISE January 02, 2010
4 13
An expression of nonchalance and impassiveness, commonly used in situations that require less-than-sufficient answers. May be used to express a variety of emotional states, the essences of which are indicated by the tone of the speaker.

Origin: San Diego, CA, circa 2003.
After thinking of all the day's events and realizing that it's an immense task in itself to summarize everything: one simply sighs to his or her companions, "mer..."
by Christine January 29, 2005
419 210
A phrase used by a stuffed animal seal named Dave.
Amy: Hi Dave.
Dave: mer.
by Mother Dave December 13, 2007
229 157
When you are really bored and cant be bothered to answer somebody properply
"mer mer mer mer mer"
by payt January 09, 2004
248 179
An alternative for damn, dang, crap, lame, ugh, why me?
Johnny's Mom: "You have to get your hair cut Johnny"
Johnny :"Mer"
by lubbera November 25, 2009
107 67
word for any situation, whether its awkward or not. Mer is mostly used when you have nothing else to say. It does not help fix awkward situations, but can sometimes make them worse or more awkward, but if used correctly can be an icebreaker/ good transition to new conversation. Can be known as a lifesavor in certain situations, or used to express complete disappointment.
"want to hang out tonight?" "Sorry, I already have plans." "Boo, you whore." "MER.
by severussnape7 November 28, 2010
38 20
a universal term that can be used to describe any type of emotion depending on the type of tone used. most commonly associated with the word "fuck"
"ah merrrr...."
"ah mer mer mer merrrrrrrrr!"
by MER-MAN September 01, 2008
89 79
A nickname for someone who is a mermaid or like a mermaid. Generally the person loves the ocean and all things related to the sea.
She swam in the ocean just like a true mer.
by Ariel flounder fish December 01, 2012
10 2