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Combination of olbiterate and oblivious. Used to describe an intense state of intoxication.
Jack was obliviated when he drank 25 beers last night.
by Dave1979 June 03, 2006
to completely destroy. Similar to obliterated.
"Man, I just witnessed Desert Fox OBLIVIATE that female!!!"

"I obliviated my liver by getting drunk last night."

"Watch as JFK's head gets oblivated by that sniper round in Dallas, TX"
by pft pft January 17, 2010
- Over kill, not assassinated but just total gore and carnage. Sometimes refered during war time or killing females
The German Nazi war machine "obliviated" female judens at my vacation spot Auschwitz
by Desert Fox86 January 17, 2010
To get highly intoxicated via alcohol or narcotics. Remember people on Quaaludes?
Jane gangbanged the team as she was obliviated last night. Jane stop this crazy thing!
by benitomusso60 December 23, 2003
Combo of obliterated and oblivion. A word to describe how big of a mess you are going to be at the end of the night.
Put the women and children to sleep because I am getting obliviated tonight.

I can't call you later because im in the process of oblivating myself.
by Shooting & Hooting July 24, 2009
Playing the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion while high.
I don't plan on going out tonight. I'm going to stay home and get obliviated.
by Dave LeClair February 16, 2007
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