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A word created sometime during the 20th
century by people who were ignorant of the
word protege.
My protege claims he was embarrassed to be
called a mentee.
by quesondriac August 10, 2010
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Like a protégé, but with anal
Did you hear I got a new mentee, he can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch
by Mikeywitha September 20, 2015
A stupid idiot with no clue as to how to study and needs someone else to spoonfeed them every little detail.
You stupid idiot 2 + 2 is 4 not 22. Now don't fail the god dang grade 2 math!
by BuFFerMaN March 02, 2005
Someone stupid who doesn't know jack and needs someone spoonfeed them every little god damn detail.
You idiot D comes after C. Now don't fail the god damn alphabet test!
by BuFFerMaN March 02, 2005
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