Meninism is a mockery of feminism and proves that we can't request equality without white
men making everything about themselves.

"Oppressed" white guys think that feminism is a threat to their masculinity.

@MeninistTweet if you follow meninism, you don't know what feminists stand for. you are the PROBLEM OF SOCIETY.
"Don't talk to him, he's a meninist."
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by velvetcrowbar November 12, 2014
Top Definition
A (satirical) belief showing the hypocrisy of first world feminism by flipping the sexes and complaining about men's rights in a similar way to what first world feminists do.
(feminists then proved their point by getting upset about it)
They say I'm an idiot for being a meninist, but really, they're an idiot for not understanding satire.
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by ittybittyholly February 07, 2015
A satirical twitter account taken seriously by feminists who lost all sense of reality long ago because it shows how insane they've become.
Feminist: I saw a boy wearing a #meninist shirt in class today, so I stabbed him to death because he hates equality!
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by Cycleads February 09, 2015
An ideology that exposes the hypocrisy of feminism. Meninist believe in the true equality of the genders while feminism, by definition advocates the separation of the genders by perpetuating a made up patriarchy and claiming to be a victim. Meninist believe that equality is needed in states such as; Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc. where women are actually being oppressed, as opposed to first world countries where they are by law equal. Feminism is misandry, meninism promotes equality
Meninist: If he or she wants to wear that Meninist shirt he or she should be able to do so without being ridiculed by a hypocritical feminist who believes only in the advancement of women. It's ironic how you think women can wear virtually nothing and they shouldn't be cat called, but you harass men and WOMEN that wear a shirt.
#equality #egalitarianism #misandry #love #true equality #anti-feminism
by Kain16 April 11, 2015
Meninists are people that point out things that feminists do that are absolutely disgusting, like laughing at a male domestic abuse victim, or LITERALLY laughing at men being raped. And of course feminists are usually mad at these things being pointed out, and meninists usually get a kick out of their reaction.

Alternate meaning: A troll who just wants people to get pissed off.
Feminist: LOL! A guy got "raped" by a girl at gun point, HAHA!
Meninist: If the genders were swapped you wouldn't be laughing...
#meninist #troll #meninism #feminism #feminist
by IWillAlwaysBeBetterThanYou May 19, 2015
A mocking and satirical form of 1st world feminist to show how radical, impractical, and ridiculous they are.

Trying to reveal how instead of feminists fighting for the women to be able to show their elbows in 3rd world countries, they are instead getting mad that people assume their favorite color is pink. As well to reveal how feminists wish not for equality, but to be over men.

This is usually done by switching the sexes and complaining in a way feminists do about unrealistic problems.

Supporters of this are generally intelligent females and males who are not kissing up to get it in.
Man: *Opens door for random female behind him*
Man: *Walks away confused*
Feminists: *Walks over to nearby officer watching*
Officer: "Wat?"

Meninist: "Da fuq?"
#meninists #meninism #anti-feminism #feminism #feminist
by RapidSlow September 05, 2015
A male who is for the equality of women in a way that supports the idea of women showing more chivalry towards males, not for reason of oppression. Common ground for equal opportunity and logical problem solving are in both the Feminist's and Meninist's main priority, yet the vision of having male and female equality has been blinded by those who are know as "FemiNazis" and who share the idea that women should be equal, but take it a step further by believing men should be oppressed by women. A Meninist is a misunderstood individual in society and should be supported just like logical Feminists
"Oh you're a Meninist? Im a Feminist! lets go have a nice conversation about real world issues not involving something asinine"
#asshole #jerk #loser #dumb #lover
by NoHoesBrendan June 03, 2015
not a real movement, just sexually fustrated guys trying to piss off feminists
-see that dude with a meninist t-shirt? obvious virgin.
by FIDLARsdead April 06, 2016
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