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To mount someone from behind while they are in the fetal position on the ground. After the deed is complete, you roll them over and see the humiliation in their eyes. This is best accomplished in front of a large audience.
That chick was so hot I pretended to trip and totally Mendenhalled her.
by GoPack! January 25, 2011
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Can be defined as: Signiatures in the musical fabric, with dazzle, and glam, and bubbles, emitting radiant energy through compulsive acts; humor or heady romanticism.
The carrots to your peas.
i met mendenhall
by maria brothers April 09, 2008
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Another name for a disgusting type of amoeba that crawls around the floor, as the scum, or scavenger of the earth. It splits to make new life, and never reproduces life with another. It shrivels up and dies after short periods, due to little contact with what it needs - interaction with a second life
You will die alone and never have a real relationship, just like a Minor Mendenhall
by joe421hon August 22, 2012
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