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the worst enemy of skaters, punks, hip-hop fans and generaly every young person who doesn't wear a tie and a cardigan... or lets just say every young person...no... every person
ironicaly old people, especialy old men are often the worst hooligans...
they come from "the past", a dark time when everyone killed at least one person- so dont fuck around with them unless you have balls like a panzerfaust.
i kinda hate old people and i hope i dont end up like the ones you meet in the public bus
by SgrDD March 11, 2008
twenty-something (or twentysomething) is a term used for people at the age of 20 to 29. its is used instead of "twentyfive years old" for example, because at this age its harder to tell how old someone is (by looking at him/her) than it is in the teenage years (and often it "matters" less).
dude #1: how old is Tim?
dude #2: I don't know.. he is a twenty-something, thats for sure
dude #1: thank you for this exact piece of information
by SgrDD March 11, 2008
a kickass band!
some say that they inspired nirvana and co-invented what later became known as grunge.
in fact kurt cobain was one of their biggest fans in the early days.
they also became popular in the stoner rock / doom metal scene with some of their releases and got respect by the punks for colaborating with jello biafra...anyway, the melvins always keep it experimental so you can't tell what genre they fit into.
today the melvins release on ipecac (mike paton ring a bell?)...there could be no bettter label for them
by SgrDD April 08, 2008
the time in life when you awake from adolescence. usualy about the age of 19 to 25. you may still have a headache from your teenage kicks of the past, but in whole you are pretty lucky to become a real man or woman. its maybe the coolest time because you realize that you now are a twenty-something (a sexmachine in a cool outfit) and the opposite of a teenager (a whimpy wannabe).
common changes: better taste in music, better clothes, better sex, going to college or earn own money, less acne, less teenage angst and coming to the conclusion that those realy popular kids who bullied around in highschool are going to be the ones with the most boring/fucked up life.
as long as you are in highschool you can't see that there is a life after this twilight zone... but hell yeah there is! wait until your post-adolescence
by SgrDD March 11, 2008
a region formerly known as europe
western europe mainland, u.k. and scandinavia where ancient regions of what is now called Muslimland
by SgrDD April 10, 2008
1. A yet not clearly defined Hip-Hop style. coming from- but not limmited to europe.
it doesn't mean to rap in a flamboyant way, it's more like a fashion statement or something.

2. A word first mentioned by the raper Prinz Pi a.k.a Prinz Porno to discribe the music he was/is actually making.
He is using the word in his track "monarchie"
listening to dandy rap whilst riding out for pheasant hunting season...
by sgrDD March 05, 2008
a rock band from Texas
often simply called "Trail of Dead"
a very good band and in my opinion the hope of alternative rock, a genre that suffered so much in the past few years.
they got everything: musical talent and the jolly good ambitions to bring variety into every album, cool lyrics, stylish artworks and on stage they simply ROCK! make sure to be there if they are around for a show.
i simply like ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - although first i thought they play some emo crap. but then i listened to them!
by sgrDD March 20, 2008

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