Top Definition
Do have dubious facial qualities. To be ugly.
"You see that Pink? She's got a face like a melted welly"
by Brian Abbs March 02, 2004
When a persons face resembles a melted wellington boot.
tomo's face is like a melted welly
by Grant Amos February 25, 2009
Taken from 'Rogers Profanisaurus'

A poetic term describing a lady's bodily treasure.
'Spatula was powerless to resist. His eyes burnt into hers like mamellated chalcedony. His muscular arms enfolded her body as she felt herself being swept away on a noctilucent cloud of passion. "Am I the first?" whispered Dartanyan. "Sort of," she vouchsafed in return, her voice quivering with unrequited passion. "I've not let the other two have a shot on me melted welly yet."'
by sid Bollock November 13, 2004

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