Peeing in a toilet and not flushing afterwards
Oh man, Fenwick left a Mellow Yellow in the toilet again!
by Ragin' Cajun July 03, 2009
During sex, casually pissing inside a girls beefcave(vagina)
a guy and girl are in the middle of sex and he gives the girl a mellow yellow
by eat my boogers October 14, 2010
When you get the stringy bits of a banana, grill em, crush em up, mix em with pot and smoke it
"that guys hooked on Mellow Yellow"
by Might April 09, 2004
slang used for lsd
"Dude whats he one hes talking to a tree?!"
"Mellow Yellow yo!"
by ZZZZZZ! July 12, 2008
One who is mello and yellow.
Liz, and Baylie are mellow yellow. They call them Yellow Mellow.
by Alyssa Jane October 03, 2007
When you're fucking a bitch who is so ugly that you can't get hard, so you pee in her.

see sour puss
I gave that ugly bitch a mellow yellow last night. Then I beat the fuck out of her.
by Rev. Reggie Dingleberry August 18, 2004
Giving someone a mellow yellow is when you act like you are going to bust a nut on their face, but instead you let forth a flood of urine all over them.
Best used when you have someone that brags about how good they are at giving head.
by theJeremiah July 03, 2005

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