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the act of being painfully poked in the breast by an underwire that has emerged from one’s bra fabric
Ow! Shish-keboob! That does it - this bra is going in the garbage.
by Civixen March 07, 2008
horrifyingly brilliant; disgustingly impressive
He has a 'dark gift' for Photoshop and makes some truly horrilliant images.
by Civixen March 09, 2008
the increasing desire to pay for others' drinks as one gets drunk
By the end of the night, his beernevolence had him buying rounds for the whole pub.
by Civixen March 09, 2008
something that keeps douchebags away
I can't believe those creeps left us alone. You're quite an effective doucheterrent.
by Civixen March 11, 2008
someone whose gaydar is particularly attuned to lesbians
I'm a pretty good dykic, and I'm telling you, I don't think she turned you down because she has a boyfriend.
by Civixen March 09, 2008
A blog slang glossary
Her slang is so dense, I need to get out my Diablocoder.
by Civixen March 07, 2008
interjection used upon receiving good news
"Hey Jades, I just got a wicked new job with a really hot boss!"
"Oooh, congratslyfun!!"
by Civixen March 09, 2008

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