Meh is a word that comes from eh which is thrown around. But Meh can be used in many different cases it has three meanings.
1.Meaning to not care for and/or about.
2.A respond to something you are not paying attention to and have no interest for.
3.Meaning not of a big deal.
Mom: Want to go to the carnival?
Me: Meh......
Me: Did you know bees only live about.....
You: Meh.....
Mom: Johnny and Billy died yesterday in a car crash.
You: Meh..............
by NeverTalks May 15, 2011
Other than indifference "meh" can also indicate boredom, being unable to focus, or disapproval
I've got to study all night, meh.
by RudedoggAce May 09, 2010
A word used my hormonal children and lazy adults

mum:go do the dishes


The chhild says this because the do not want to do the dishes and cannot be bothered do jobs,the child is feeling very lazy and reaches out for "MEH" as an excuse to not do work because the are most likely hormonal


Boss:secretary,get me a coffee
secretary:meh,get it yourself

The word "meh" can be used in many ways as shown here where you can add words to make it more effective
I cant be bothered-meh
by Aletse April 14, 2010
Interjection showing utter indifference or apathy.
Meh is to be used when saying whatever requires too much effort.
by radiosonde1 June 24, 2009
A dismisive or possesive sound.
you- "where is meh(posesive) candy?"

Man- "meh(dismisive), im too tired to look"
by epicmar February 12, 2009
A random expression used to express little to no interest in something.

One of many carbo-isms
Wanna go see a movie?

by Carbo-nation September 05, 2007
Depending on the situation and the pitch/tone used when said, can mean: Yes!, sure..., (REJOICE!!), I dont know, hell naw, fuck no, (ice breaker), why?, eh... ok, I'm weird and make odd noises....
Starsky: Would you like to get wasted tonight?
Hutch: Meh! :-)
Starsky: MEHHHHH!!!! :-D (rejoice!)
Starsky: Howd you do on your exam today?
Hutch: ...meh... shouldnt have gone out last night :-/
Hutch: ooh he's a hottie eh?
Starsky: eww... mehhhh :-(
by Hutchski November 14, 2005

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