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Slang used for Cleethorpes. Used mainly in Grimsby
'Hey lets all go to meggies. Go down the front nd that'
by Dave Sloshandcut June 23, 2007

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i dont know what the fuck it is but for some reason she is the most amazing person on earth
Sammie: I love that girl

Random sad lonely person: Who is that?

Sammie: Meggy, DUH!
by Sammie M September 15, 2010
describes a person. someone who is pale and pasty, and looks like they smell of eggs.
girl #1: eww! look at that guy!

girl#2 : i know! she's so meggy!
by evespeeves November 19, 2011
Someone who latches themselves onto other people's relationships and then freaks out like a deranged lemur when they get rejected. The person now tries to re-assure themselves that they are okay by spreading false rumors such as homosexuality.
She was being such a Meggy when she asked to third wheel my date.
by Stan_Smite_Thee October 23, 2014