A Megan is always awesome, period. If you haven't met three or more Megans by the time you're 15 you don't live in America. A Megan has a blonde streak, whether she wears it or not. She has a way of brightening your bad days. A Megan knows how to party like a rockstar. Megans hold pride in the fact that thier name is spelled correctly, without any "h"s, one "e", and one "a" in order. A Megan is always in the shadow of Megan Fox, so don't rub it in.
No one is complete without a Megan as a bff.
Megan: Hey, I'm Megan!
Meghan: hey, me too!
Megan: cool, how do you spell it?
Meghan: m-e-g-h-a-n
Megan: haha, you spelled it wrong. its okay tho, just don't flip when i call you meg-han lol
by Merri Webster February 20, 2012
She is the sweetest person on earth, and is loved by everybody. She's very random, crazy at times and is the life of the party. She's the easiest person to talk to and she never judges anybody. She's intelligent, hilarious, loves to write and she is an amazing artist. She's incredibly beautiful inside and out, even though she doesn't know it. She's the most amazing friend I have ever met, and I'm so glad I met her. She's like a sister to me and I love her very much. Thank you for being my best friend. Stay strong.
Megan is my best friend. <3
by vickey697 February 14, 2012
One of the nicest people you will ever know. She will be there for you through thick and thin, completely loyal and trustworthy. She is great to laugh with but is the first person you go to if you need to talk or vent. Shes organised and dedicated, smart and witty. She's great at balancing different aspects of her life, loves to hang with friends and im so glad ive met her. my life wouldnt be complete without meg, she's like a sister to me.
I just had the biggest laughing fit with Meg
I was feeling sad but i spoke to Megan about it and im ok now
My closest friend would have to be Megan, she makes me so happy
by Eilatan1993 March 06, 2010
A Girl with beautiful hair and an even better personality. She is the kindest person you will ever meet and the truest friend you could ever have. She is beautiful, but will never believe you when you tell her. She loves animals especially dogs. Surprisingly dirty minded. Loves games...mostly cards against humanity. (So. Much. Fun.) An amazing person and the most accepting and understanding person you will ever meet.
Megan is my best friend ever. She is so awesome!
by carrieneedsasnickers June 28, 2014
will flirt with any boy who has a pulse, better watch your boyfriend because she will steal him in a heartbeat. is small with a big personality, has weird taste in clothes and food. you can only spend a little time with megan because she will tire you out.
person: is that megan coming
other person: yes, quick hide your boyfriend!
by hellokitty321xo February 02, 2014
Megan's are usually very good at keeping secrets but usually tend to speak their mind. They keep too much themselves and have many secrets to their past. Easily annoyed and open minded. Is very daring and hardly ever afraid of anyone or anything. Very bold. Opinionated. Good to animals. Can be self concious. Liked by everyone and is always there for her friends. Strong on the inside. Is more focused on other things than relationships with men, but liked by many of them even though they are usually single. Good arguer and they hate drama. Very stubborn and relentless. Does exactly what they want, and can break hearts. Usually born in the winter or spring. Can make anyone laugh and they are very, very, smart. Does not realize their own beauty, but very beautiful inside and out.
Megans are a one of a kind and many guys would be lucky to have them.
by Klove A. April 18, 2009
A woman that eats your soul and bathes in the blood of virgins. Who would kill you just as fast as rape you if your hot. Always undressed you with her eyes and lets you know about it by her smile. Got kick out of hell from torching people too good (also stole a sandwich). And is now secretly trying to rule the whole world.

Person 2: OH NOOOOO WHY ME!?!
by EosSELENE January 02, 2012

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