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She is the sweetest person on earth, and is loved by everybody. She's very random, crazy at times and is the life of the party. She's the easiest person to talk to and she never judges anybody. She's intelligent, hilarious, loves to write and she is an amazing artist. She's incredibly beautiful inside and out, even though she doesn't know it. She's the most amazing friend I have ever met, and I'm so glad I met her. She's like a sister to me and I love her very much. Thank you for being my best friend. Stay strong.
Megan is my best friend. <3
by vickey697 February 14, 2012
849 589
A girl who is way more attractive than she thinks she is. She teases boys without realizing it. Her hair long and auburn, and when she wears it down, no one can help but stare at her. She tries too hard to be nice to everyone, simply because she doesn't want to hurt anyone. But, she isn't the kind of girl you can dislike for her niceness, because she is so genuine. Megan has many talents like dancing, singing, and playing many instruments, but never brags about it. She has a hidden weakness of eating too much candy.

If you are romantically involved with a Megan, you usually know you don't deserve her, but you can't stop being with her because she is so addictive.
Megan is so funny.
Megan is an angel.
by Lollypop01 February 28, 2010
979 737
One of the nicest people you will ever know. She will be there for you through thick and thin, completely loyal and trustworthy. She is great to laugh with but is the first person you go to if you need to talk or vent. Shes organised and dedicated, smart and witty. She's great at balancing different aspects of her life, loves to hang with friends and im so glad ive met her. my life wouldnt be complete without meg, she's like a sister to me.
I just had the biggest laughing fit with Meg
I was feeling sad but i spoke to Megan about it and im ok now
My closest friend would have to be Megan, she makes me so happy
by Eilatan1993 March 06, 2010
890 674
More extreme version of meatatarian (alternate spelling: meagan).

A vegetarian doesn't eat meat; a vegan eats only fruits and vegetables.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, a meatarian wants meat in every meal; a meagan not only wants meat in every meal, but avoids the veggies altogether.
We have a really hard time having dinner together, because I'm a vegetarian and she's megan, so she doesn't like anything I want to eat!
by my name is Cos May 24, 2008
2906 2826
biggest two faced bitch in the world.
"shes a two faced bitch. shes prolly a megan."
by eric miller March 17, 2013
85 37
Some loser that likes to bully everyone. Megan is a very annoying person and has a laugh that sounds like spongebob's. She also has severe acne and tries to make her boobs bigger with push-up bras but fails dramatically. Everyone talks about how big her nose is. She is very unfaithful to boyfriends she has. She also likes to backstab her friends constantly.

guy 1: ew, megan is nasty.

guy 2: yeah, i know. Her nose is huge!
guy 1: ew, megan is nasty.

guy 2: yeah, i know. Her nose is huge!
by beotcchhh February 20, 2013
80 37
the easiest whore you'll be able to spread her legs. a total bitch to people around her with the worst smile.
that Megan sure sucked his dick fast into dating
by meganisugly September 06, 2013
72 30