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1) A person (usually girl by stereotype) who will kiss/pash another, but won't go any further no matter how long they've known the other person. Could also possibly receive third base type action but refuses to give it.

2) Someone who's never french-kissed.

3) An insult.
1) Guy: Come on, we've been going out for a year now. Can't we do something else?
Girl: *Whiney pitch.* Nooo.... It's not the right time....

2) Guy 1: Hey, you still frigit?
Guy 2: Yeah. But I'm planning on not being frigit after this party.

3) Girl: Come on, you know you want to.
Guy: Maybe we should wait a but longer....
Girl: Ugh, honestly! You're so frigit!
by Yo' Face. May 19, 2007
Hasn't stuck tongue in some one else's mouth (pashed)
"I haven't pashed some one"
"That means you're a fridgit!*haha*"
by sarah December 19, 2003
Someone who has not "met" or "made-out" with anyone .
Commonly used in Ireland .
Lucy , you can't go into secondary school as a frigit!
by JedwardsBiggestFan July 16, 2011
someone who hasnt meet anyone (see meet) used in ireland mainly cork
hey you u a frigit ... no i meet lik 3 ppl!!!!!
by girlygirl21=] October 21, 2010
same as fuck it, piss on it...
I'm not doing that, frig it!
by Mishmerc February 04, 2010
a freaking migit
Dean is a frigit.
by gfkugfvljkgvlk February 12, 2010
it means that you have never met someone
'come on conor! you can't go into secondary school and stil be a frigit! just meet her!!! '
by asho_de_basho September 08, 2006

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