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An informal gathering of friends
Tony: Hey, do you have any plans for tonight?
Graham: Yeah, we're having a little meet and skeet at my place - you should come.
Tony: Great! I'll bring the sunchips!
by heinzel September 14, 2010
immediate sex upon meeting a girl from an online dating service in person
When my wife and I first met after using E-harmony, it was a meet and skeet.
by travlax April 24, 2009
Greetings exchanged upon one another much like shaking hands but instead of grabbing another mans hand and shaking it you would instead grab his penis.
My school's having a meet and skeet tomorrow; I'll be sure to bring my lotion! :D

Man, I can't believe I forget that man's name with the strong hands at the meet and skeet yesterday.
by Fart McBitch September 19, 2009
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