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"Free" This is the one true definition. I know this because I invented the word... well... my brothers friend did when he was toasted I suppose... but either way.

Meepins are free! We invented it and used the word to begin the best Counter Strike Clan ever :) Love live Fleeps, Ribber, Smee, Fah-q, etc....
Meepins are Free! or if you were to find a dollar bill on the street you could snatch it off the ground wave it up in the air and proclaim: MEEPINS!
by Fleeps June 04, 2011
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A member of the organization known as Meepins.
Did you see that crazy Meepin hit that awp shot?
by ` Akatsuki February 12, 2005
Online. To play online.
Timmy: "I was shot behind a box" Troy McClure: "Hahaha, yes timmy; You were Meepin'd"
by LOLDAWG September 01, 2004
a clan of porch monkeys
hoon is a coon. hoon is in meepins.
by Joebob January 12, 2004

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