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To weasel out of doing something.
"Don't try to meemer your way out of this!"
by Billytommy February 21, 2010
19 6
Anything of or pertaining to sleepy-time.
For example.

"It's mee-mers."

"Time for mee-mers."

"Let's go mee-mers."

"Whatcha doin'? Mee-mers." (goes back to sleep)
by Meem-turtle November 26, 2010
7 2
Meemer is another word used for "mom". A friend coined the term. Not much background is available on this word. But I can say if and when used you will get mixed reactions and probally some laughs.
I just got the best present from my meemer ever.
by Scruffy0115 October 14, 2009
3 4
Meemer is an expression coined from the "new mail" sound in Microsoft Outlook. In the spoken language, "meemer" means something negative. A replacement for "oh well."
Person 1: This box of chocolates had worms in it.

Person 2: Whoa, that sucks.

Person 3: Yeah. Meemer.
by sethyg November 15, 2004
4 8
the hottest and coolest gang FS
dayum i wanna bang that meemer
by lala April 05, 2004
9 17