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Meed is otherwise known as a verb. To ascertain, to love, to suck on ones ass like necro's.
morningXestrella: you.suck.ass.
GeCKo1GHz: is it yours at least?
morningXestrella: no
morningXestrella: its necros
GeCKo1GHz: eww
by Anthony July 12, 2003

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(v.), Meaning to have Sex with another person.
"Wow, Look at that guy! He is hott!"

"I Know Mannnn, I really wanna meed with him!"
by Musiclvr14 March 24, 2009
shortened term often used instead of medium. extremely versatile and can be used for anything that isn't exceptionally bad or good.
Johnny: How was the handy last night?
Tom: Meed at best.
by skismatt March 05, 2005