A short, ugly, and hunch-backed guy with a beer gut and no chance of getting laid. He also loves the cock.

Can also be used in the phrase "pull a medlin." This term is applied to a situation where someone makes a good joke but drags it out where it is not funny.
Damn Medlin you don't know when to shut the hell up.
by Stan, Cody, Ricky, and Alex April 02, 2003
Top Definition
The last or middle name of someone from or related to an awesome and creative family.
Medlin's are known to have the ability to sleep anywhere or for long periods of time. They're also good at holding their liquor and good in crisis.
James: "Oh, the Medlins they're my favorite family I wish I were related to them!"
by Pixelated Nobody November 24, 2010
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