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Mexican-Spanish slang for semen.
Clean up your mecos, Jose, you left some on the seat again. Damn you.
by Madamasselle March 13, 2004
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semen; jiz; cum
I was jacking off and got mecos all over myself
by The Gooch February 10, 2004
is sperms in spanish
Damn nigga she swallowed my mecos.
by vato locos December 01, 2003
man juice, cum, jizz, nut mustard
I spalttered her face with meco.
by Dustin September 19, 2003
a malvern prep religious retreat.
steve says hey, he's at meco this weekend.
by TerrancePPP October 10, 2009
Slang word often refering to a Native American (usually a Navajo).
Mecos use our tax dollars to get fuckin drunk.
by James January 28, 2004

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