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Opposite of "Beaver" slang for a woman's vagina. A Meaver is a Gay Mans Anus or "Meaver"
when referring to a woman"s vagina or "Beaver"
is the same as a Gay Man's Anus or "Meaver"
My Meaver is a little sore from my wild weekend.
by PLANETMANDO April 15, 2009
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male masturbation
If I don't pick up a lady tonight, I can always indulge in some meaver.
by Aufmklo August 21, 2010
Another name for male pubic hair.
I need to go trim my meaver for my big date.
by deline610 July 04, 2010
when the shizzle don't mizzle
Damn! He's gonna meaver that bitch!
by jam fizzle April 03, 2006

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