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A really dumb guy with a big dick or a really big dumb guy who still leeches off of his parents or a guy with no ambitions.
Justin is such a meat wad he amazes me how he can just do nothing.

Wow your boyfriend is such a meat wad at least he's good for one thing!

Meat wad: "Hey Dad I need to borrow some money for rent because I spend my pay check on drugs. No I mean beer."
(He never pays his dad back because he doesn't care. Does it when he needs moany)
by Podagee June 11, 2007
Used to describe a story or a joke that is only funny in context. Usually used to describe "You-Had-To-Have-Been-There" stories. Named after Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force for his ability to make seemingly unfunny things funny with his voice and tone of voice.
Guy #1:
So we came up to the trash and she got her shirt stuck on the side! *Starts laughing*

Guy #2: (Not laughing)
by Danny Snyder June 09, 2006
used to desbribe a story or memory where 'you had to be there'...if someone tells a story and thinks its HILARIOUS...but no one else laughs or gets it...because 'you had to be there'...its is meatwad moment
Ryan: "OMG it was so funny...Billy got hit by a car and it was the funniest thing....HAHAHAHHAH **cracking up**"
Martha: "**straight face**...Meatwad?"
Ryan: "ahh yea.....**continues laughing**"
by martha April 17, 2005