A vagina. A very, very meaty vagina with big pussy lips.
Holy shit, check out that meat wallet! That would make for some good camel toe.
by Amadeus Sinclair April 09, 2009
a stripper's vagina.
"go stick this dollar in her meat wallet and tell her i want a lap dance."
by NRJ2k November 27, 2007
a vagina, usually unclean
She enjoys counting the money in her meat wallet.
by Taco Bell September 10, 2005
meaty pussy
damn.....her meat wallet smelled like meat loaf
by jack January 28, 2003
A woman's vagina;
the place where a man puts his cock when he fucks a lady
I could come just thinking about how he inserted his penis into my meat wallet after he made me slippery wet.
by Lauryn K. May 22, 2006
A stuffed animal that has a tear in one of the seams, with enough room that one is able to insert their genitalia.
Oh, Pooby-bear, you're such a perfect meat wallet.
by derek smalls December 06, 2006
when you're buying something and you don't have any money, you jerk off the cashier, he spooges on the money in the cash register, and he lets you have your shit for free.
Mark had his worst month ever and had to jerk out his meat wallet.
by Here N. Thayer December 01, 2006
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