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jasmyn means "beautiful" or a "flower"

someone who is very smart and beautiful and doesnt take no for an answer!
princess jasmine jasmine is also spelled jasmyn
by zenara January 07, 2009
Very smart, energetic, fun,loving and makes everyone smile around her. She is a joker and loves to get attention from anyone. Can be stubborn when she wants something she can't have and very independent. Most everyone love's to be around her because of her ambition for life. She is very beautiful and precious like a flower. But don't make her mad for she will make sure everyone knows it.
Jasmyn is a beautiful smelling flower that likes to joke around and is firm with her chooses in life .
by tootsie 1 February 03, 2010
A really pretty, smart, light skinned girl who loves attention but knows how to be alone. She is good at anything she puts her mind to and all the guys drool over her. She's sometimes considered a flirt but just likes to have fun and has a lot of guy friends. She is athletic and a lot of girls wish they had a life like her.
"She is so pretty! No wonder she was voted homecoming queen, she is Jasmyn afterall"
by kobe13 February 14, 2012

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