stanky unshaven pooty tang
son thats some nasty meat wallet you found, get rid of her
theres a shotgun out back
by De Shawnte Kang April 20, 2008
Top Definition
A fat stanking pair of pussy lips, often bigger than a kangaroos. The meat wallet is usually dark brown in color and smells like 3 month old roast beast.
Trimble smacked his rocks off grandma's meat wallet feverishly before shooting his moon cheese up the great divide.
by JC Pacifico April 11, 2003
a meat wallet is a hot meatty vaj that swallows up your meat.
I filled that chicks meat wallet last night.
by herman11111111 November 22, 2005
A vagina. A very, very meaty vagina with big pussy lips.
Holy shit, check out that meat wallet! That would make for some good camel toe.
by Amadeus Sinclair April 09, 2009
A womans meaty vagina
I took a bite out of her meat wallet.
by InGoreious February 27, 2010
When a woman stuffs and tucks her meat curtains deep inside her HAM wallet ... you get a MEAT WALLET
My MEAT WALLET looks like a ran over pack of bacon!!
by Bubblegum Lips March 30, 2011
A burly man who doesn't really know that he's cool.
Man 1: I suck.
Man 2: Meatwallet, you have seen anything have you?
by Smart American Male September 07, 2006
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