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noun/: a penis of large proportions
he woke me up by slapping me in the face with his meat rocket and told me to get the fuck out.
by ballzdeep April 11, 2005
giant slab of meat often used by my wife every night after the kids are sent off to bed
Husband: Honey, are the kids in bed yet?
Wife: Yes, now can I wear your meatrocket as a hat?
Kid: *Peaks from behind door* Daddy, what's a meatrocket?
by Kak October 24, 2004
Another euphemism for cock
If Chelsea Clinton had as many meatrockets sticking out of her as she's had stuck in her she would look like a porcupine.
by sufferpuppet November 11, 2008
Noun: Also known as a penis, is a larger than average member ready to explode.
Girl: Hey babe my parents are gone, you want to come over?
Guy: Hell Yeah! I hope you're ready. I've got a meat rocket ready for take off and its heading straight for Uranus
by MeatArrow November 26, 2015
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