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a magical feat often depicted in pornos where a both a female's vag and poop shoot are pounded simultaneously

also known as: double penetration; one in the fridge, one in the freezer; mr. jones, mr. anderson; double stuffed; and ball banging (bc the dudes balls often touch)
when we proposed the over under to gina, she smiled, dropped her draws, and said "lets get ballz deep".
by ballzdeep April 12, 2005
an undetermined time period spanning from never to eternity, often used when talking to a girl
1.i'll call you tomorrow

2. i'll still respect you tomorrow

3. we can talk about this tomorrow
by ballzdeep April 24, 2005
noun/: the Shogun of Harlem who battles Bruce Leroy in the epic 80's film "The Last Dragon", the biggest baddest blackest Converse wearing, jerry curl having, shoulder pad brandishing, sunglasses displaying Kung Fu master
Sho-nuff is crazy stupid cool!
by ballzdeep April 11, 2005
noun/: a penis of large proportions
he woke me up by slapping me in the face with his meat rocket and told me to get the fuck out.
by ballzdeep April 11, 2005
1. noun/:NFL running back who plays for the Saints

2.the hugest of all shits, origin: derived from deuce
also known as: Doogenstien, Deuce Staley, Doogie Houser, or Doogie House, MD
1. man, Deuce Mcallister is the only decent player on the entire saints team!

2. i wouldn't go in there, i just dropped a deuce mcallister!
by ballzdeep April 11, 2005
verb/: to master or conquor something.
also known as dropping nutz or balls, often used with the preposition "on"
1. bob: man, you really kicked ass on that double black diamond!
me: yeah, i haven't been motivated all season, but today i knew i had to drop sack on that shit

2. bob: how'd you do on that test?
me: dropped balls all over it
by ballzdeep April 25, 2005
1. fresh snow of an extremely dry nature that creates superb snowboarding conditions, also known as: the fluff, powder, white gold, pow pow

2. marijuana with an extremely high content of THC, also known as: sticky icky, cough, bubonic chronic
1. After we pound these beers, lets hit the mountain and pound some fluffeluffegus!

2. Hey man, you best back up off that bowl if you want your lungs to continue functioning. That shit there is the fluffeluffegus!
by ballzdeep April 11, 2005

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