a really thick penis, not nessarily long but wide and round
"my dicks' not the 18 inch monster, but its volume is the same."

"my cock isnt a meat stick, its a meat cookie"

18(pi * 3"^2) meat stick= my dick 6(pi * 8"^2) mathematically
by SmG6 February 28, 2007
Top Definition
1. A cookie made of meat that typically has cheese inside it. Best served warm.

2. Slang for Animal Cracker.
"Meat Cookies are best served with melted cheese."

"That Meat Cookie was in the shape of a camel."
by Urban Philosopher November 23, 2009
A crispy possibly crunchy hamburger with the texture of a two month old samoan cookie found between the crack of your couch.
Can I take your order?

Yea, I'll take a double meat cookie with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion.
by T.J. Dubz June 16, 2008
A very dense, foul bowel movement.
After eating Taco Bell, Shana baked up a mean batch of meat cookies.
by Uhlyssah February 26, 2008
A trick cookie that is made of meat so when a Catholic eats it on a Friday during lent they go to hell.
Man, that Bill gave me a meat cookieon Good Friday. I had to say 15 Haily Mary's just to apologize to the Lord. I am not going to hell
by bigdkA July 09, 2016
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