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Penis, which can be used orally, anally, and/or vaginally (see "take her temperature")
My wife looked a little under the weather, so I tried to take her temperature with my meat thermometer. She perked right up.
by ckeliib June 03, 2009
3 1
Used in conjunction with a Greasy Oven Mitt.

When performing a Greasy Oven Mitt a male inserts his penis into the vagina of a female.
"I was unaware my penis was big enough to give her a meat thermometer while giving her a greasy oven mitt".
by Greasy13 July 27, 2010
7 1
To thrust one's penis into the female/male funny stinky spot
"Tim gave Lauth the Meat Thermometer all night long."
by Tom March 05, 2004
11 5
(n.) 1. A complete idiot devoid of any reasoning 2. One's penis
1.What a fucking meat thermometer! He put the eggs at the bottom of the bag!
2. I'd like to stick my meat thermometer in her, see if she's done.
by TommyOkktane December 31, 2003
14 11