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Once commonly used as a kitchen utensil for tenderizing meat, the meat tenderizer now plays a large part in homosexul deviance, and has even become commonly accepted in heterosexual practices. In most cases, a man or woman will repeatedly smash his or her partner's balls, penis or grundle. In some instances, smashing of the clitoris, labia or nose may occur. The use of meat tenderizers during sexual encounters leads to heightened sexual arousal, and is considered a remedy for erectile dysfunction and failing marriages.
Ben: "Tom, why do you have a meat tenderizer hanging up next to your collection of huge double-sided dildos?"

Tom: "Actually, Ben, the meat tenderizer is one of my favorite sex toys. I like it when Gary smashes me in the balls with it and calls me the ugliest trannie he's ever seen. Then he sodomizes me with the back end of it and makes me smell it."
by Frank Giuffrida December 10, 2006
A ugly girl who causes a dudes dick to go soft.
Aye yo, she a real meat tenderizer.
- I know right
by Ronald G January 02, 2006
a female who makes all males around her soften their meat
"damn did you see that girls rolls"
"yeh she was a meat tenderizer"
by Justin Sheridan November 06, 2005
Slang term describing a police officer's baton. The term is best appreciated when the baton is furiously applied on the head of some stupid bastard who desperately deserves it.
We loved it when the dude who ran over the little kid resisted arrest, because it gave the police a good opportunity to use the meat tenderizer.
by Frank Klaune May 01, 2005
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