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Fresh, new, hot, bang'n.
Thats off the meat Rack
by Rage October 14, 2004
(UK - 1950s - n.)
1. Piccadilly Circus in London, one of the places of male prostitution.

2. A place where one goes to look for sex partners; outdoor setting on a street or public place, often like shopping mall bench or park.

3. A place in a gay bar where gay men stand while they cruise for sex. Can be the bar or an island table.
I calculated that since becoming sexually active in 1973, I had racked up more than 3000 different sex partners in bathhouses, back rooms, meat racks and tearooms.
by Matt & Andrej Koymasky October 09, 2004
derogatory reference to a fit bloke
(the rack from which the meat hangs)
who's your new meat rack?
by ezme May 29, 2007
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