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A pint of Jameson whiskey. In reference to Det. Jimmy McNulty from The Wire, who is known to carry and drink a pint of Jameson wherever he goes.
you: Could you hand me a McNulty I'm late for the south side irish parade.

Cashier: A McNulty?

you: A pint of Jameson, it's gonna be a thing pass it on

Cashier: That'll be 7.50
by Pockets Martin February 21, 2008
A beer with an egg cracked in. Reference to season 2 episode 2 of the Wire where Jimmy McNulty drinks this concoction.
Jane: What are you going to do with that egg?
Brian: I'm going to have a McNulty.
by bkchickfarmer February 24, 2013
McNulty: (noun) A driver in the left lane on an interstate who refuses to follow the speed of traffic and switch lanes, thereby slowing the flow of vehicles. Said driver is rarely clueless and usually delights in his burdensome impact on others.
Ex.: "Who's that fucking McNulty up there that's preventing me from getting out of Nebraska?!"
by brsmith23 May 29, 2012
A word used to describe the facial hair grown only in the neck region.
A Neck Beard.
Usually it is the only place the person has facial hair.
Resembles a scarf made out of hair wrapped around the neck.
Dude, you need to shave your McNulty.

Did you see that guy over there with the sick-ass McNulty?
by Mr. McNulty September 16, 2007
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