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Scottish slang; Verb, present tense.

Usage - mainly sexual context. Similar to 'nail' or 'nailing'.

Usually dominant

(rhyming with feel - give that a McNeil)
1)"I'm going to McNeil that".
2)"I McNeiled that".
3)"Im McNeiling that".
by McNeiled October 20, 2012
To publicly humiliate a troll on an internet message board by finding and posting pictures, blogs, email addresses, etc. about this person.
Shetuck just McNeiled that fucking clown.
by buckeyemaniac December 23, 2008
The last name of a very pretty person, they will be uncontrollable to love.
Girl- Wow, i love him and i don't even know him, i think he's a McNeil
Guy- Damn she's a babe
Guy walks up and says
-Will you marry me, Because I love you.?-
by -BayBabe. February 21, 2010
Name: Usually the last name of a person. Has an Irish descent, and the person is very cool!
1: Brittney Mcneil, hmm, that name sounds Irish!
by BrittneyCarla December 08, 2008
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