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The sexiest,hottes,dreamiest guy you will ever meet, he is funny,nice,and did i say sexy. who is a skater.

email: mckay.brandon@ymail.com for the orginal mckay
Girl:Did you see McKay?

Other Girl: Yeah he is really sexy!!
by jyr April 23, 2009
Common Nickname for the AP Euro Book, A History of Western Society.

Death in book form. Side effects may cause insomnia, bleeding eyes, uncontrollable sobbing, and no free time.
<average student> - Johnny, what were you doing last night?

<ap euro student> - Mckay. Again.
by APsuicider August 24, 2008
Mc-Kay muh-key

when you get really drunk and either don't remember events from the previous drinking session (whether it be night or day) or do something you'll regret.
I got so McKayed last night and passed out on the lawn at CSPAC, even though this isn't the first time.
by mcd123 September 06, 2010
Watches porn all day, that's all I can say. Ooooh I just rhymed.
McKay) ooooooohh porn
by S sjoshsmwj February 14, 2014
Mckay: someone who has been sentenced the death penalty. most often someone is called a Mckay when sentenced to death by the electric chair. A Mckay is considered a racial slur against humanity.
The serial killer committed a mass murder and was sentenced to soon be a Mckay.
by Bubba--G January 05, 2010