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A famous theatre on the Isle of Wight that stages its self-made famous productions such as Party People and Freak
"You going to the Apollo?"
by Drinkup July 06, 2005
A huge store that sells cack clothes and minor furniture for brilliant prices. People often deny shopping in Matalan, though members of Goldie Lookin Chain promote it.

See also Matalan Crew
"Haha! you got that from Matalan!"
"No i never"
"Yeah you did the labels hangin out!"
by Drinkup July 06, 2005
A brilliant British comedian who co-wrote and appeared in Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere and also had starring roles in Phoenix Nights and That Peter Kay Thing.
"Is he chinese?" "No I only had' yellow crayon"

"And I'll do your dentist a favour and knock them bastards out"
by Drinkup July 06, 2005
A prime example of British comedy at its best. Originated in Britain (obviously) but followed up by America with "The Office - An American Workplace" which, frankly, uses American humour and all our best quotes eh boys ;)

Co-written by Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant who also appeared at Live 8 this year! - www.rickygervais.com/video2_1.php
"Who says famine has to be depressing!"

by Drinkup July 06, 2005
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